What's this

The ANALOGIA service helps you to find the matching between you and Super Celebrities. What if you have a Star Twin? Just send your photo and the ANALOGIA will show Celebrities portraits similar to yours. The service stores about 400 photos of famous people, and the database is growing up continuously.

Celebrity Twins

Win the prize if you have a Star Twin! Join us, send your photo, obtain the results of automatic facial comparison and be among participants who most similar to ANY of known celebrities. You need your face and the desire to get winnings being one of the top Stars matches! Best photos could be sent to talent agencies for model, TV and cinema casting.

N-Star Double

Feel like if you can play the role of different celebrities at the same time? Participate this risky contest and gain by the rule: more stars are your twins, 10x-more you win! Anytime you may stop yourself and stay with the profit. The Super Double takes most of winnings. No Super Double . the Jackpot goes to the next contest.

Just estimated

View the on-time results of last comparisons. These data obtained form the current visitors and competitors. Look at some funny photos as well as outstanding similarities and decide if you want to play this game.